Petroleum Oriented Safety TrainingCOR CertifiedDatoff is committed to upholding the highest of safety standards. We strive to exceed industry standards and make safety a top priority which is why all employees at Datoff Bros. Construction have first aid training with transportation endorsement as well as POST (Petroleum Oriented Safety Training). Datoff Bros. Construction management preforms random site inspections to help cultivate the best safety practices possible. Superintendents and supervisors work hand in hand with our Safety Manager to create a proactive and preventative environment. Specific aspects of our Safety Program include the following:

Our Policies


All new employees are given proper orientation and are informed about our company’s safety policies and procedures.

Hazard Analysis

Our project manager and superintendents arrange hazard analysis to identify any potential critical activities and to control the exposures.

Emergency Plan
& Procedure

We work with our clients to create functional and practical emergency procedures specific to their needs. We employ Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Responders, to Licensed Registered Nurses, CSO’s/ NCSO’s as necessary.


Datoff employs a unified safety program and subcontractors working for us are subject to our standard of safety. We always ensure proper training and orientation of our safety program. Subcontractors are subject to our safety meetings and inspections.

Safety Meetings

Weekly Toolbox safety meetings are held to ensure all employees are aware of potential hazards. If conditions to a specific site change there is another meeting held. Attendance to the meetings is mandatory. There are also certain site specific safety meetings held and superintendents, supervisors and all employees are indoctrinated to ensure all employees are well looked after.


Datoff preforms investigations in the event of any accident. We communicate all accidents to our employees. We keep all reports on file.


Datoff has created a comprehensive COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan that you can download (PDF)
Exposure Control Plan | COVID-19Download (PDF)

Datoff is committed to an extensive Health and Safety Program that is reflected in our outstanding safety record established since we started in 1991.